Scripture Lists

God’s Word has the answer to life’s problems. This may seem overly simplistic but it is indeed factual. My oldest daughter was miffed with me at one point because she ran into somethings in her college expereince that she felt she had not been adequetly prepared for at home. Sharon and I couldn’t prepare her for everything. We had no clue ourselves. But, one thing we did teach all our children was the importance of being led by the Spirit of God. I heard one minister say, “The answer to a 1001 questions is be led.” But, how will the Spirit of God lead you? He will always lead you in line with God’s Word. It is so vitally important to know God’s Word, to know what God says about your situation. What does God’s Word say about the purpose of your life? What does the Bible about sickness, disease, healing and divine health? What does God’s Word say about family, personal relationships, finances, and operating in His will? These are important ‘where we actually live’ areas. Here are some topical scripture lists to help you in this endeavor. Clicking on the links will take you to a post with a short introductory message and list of scriptures that you can study and meditate on. Hover over the references with your mouse and a window will pop open with the referenced verse.

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