The Benefits of Prayer

Hearing What the Spirit is Saying unto the Church! In 1Corinthians 12, the Apostle Paul lays out for the church an explanation of Spiritual Gifts. If you read the list, you will see that three of the gifts are vocal. Prophecy is words inspired by the Spirit in a known language. Tongues are words inspired by the Spirit in an unknown tongue. Interpretation of tongues is a Spirit given rendering of an unknown tongue. Below is an example of the gift of prophecy.
The following excerpt is taken from a prophecy that was given by Lynne Hammond on December 5, 2012.

The following is a prophecy the Lord gave me about the benefits of prayer. Even though this prophecy was given to me, it can apply to your life too. The same God who gave me this promise also gives it to you.

The Holy Spirit says the following to the body of Christ:

  • I have many things to finish in you before that hour comes upon the land. O have many things to give you if you will allow Me to. Therefore, listen to Me and hide thyself from the noise, the din, the chaos, the ruin, and the wreckage of the world. I will show you things to come, and you will know and see things vividly. You will even be able to see many things in Technicolor, as it were. I will put double emphasis upon seeing things in the spirit.
  • I will no longer hide from thee that which I am about to do. If you will obey my Word and hide thyself away with Me, you will never see the indignation that is coming upon the nations of the world.
  • My preparation of My church for My appearing will be very, very intricate and detailed. You will not draw back any longer. When I reach out to you and My voice comes to you, you will be like My child in the Song of Solomon. When the voice of the bridegroom was heard, they ran after Him. Thus shall it be in this hour – the hour that all the other hours have pointed toward. This is the day that all other days have spoken about. This is the day that all the prophets longed to see but were not able to. This is your day.