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Season - NumberEpisode NameReleased
#S4-009:Why Incurable Diseases Are Surging And How to Protect Yourself [Podcast]11/28/17
#S4-008:What Ten Things Are You Thankful For? [Podcast]11/21/17
#S4-007:Why Divine Healing Is Better for Your Life [Podcast]11/14/17
#S4-006: #S4-006: How and Why It’s Important to Honor Your Parents [Podcast]11/07/17
#S4-005: #S4-005: What to Do When Your Family Thinks Your Nuts about Jesus 10/31/17
#S4-004: #S4-004: What Commitment to Kingdom First Really Looks Like [Podcast]10/24/17
#S4-003:#S4-003: Kingdom First? Some Bible How To Illustrations [Podcast]10/17/17
#S4-002:#S4-002: The Danger of Putting Family First Ahead of the Kingdom of God [Podcast]10/10/17
#S4-001:#S4-001: What Does Priorities in the Kingdom of God Look Like? [Podcast]10/03/17
#S3-053:#S3-053: Light on Life Season 3 Review [Podcast]09/26/17
#S3-052:#S3-052: Why Faith Demands the Eviction of Ishmael [Encore Podcast]09/19/17
#S3-051:How to Locate Your God Ordained Place [Encore Podcast]09/12/17
#S3-050:Four Reasons Why You Have More Authority than the Enemy [Podcast]09/05/17
#S3:049Why It's Tremendously Important to Take Your Stand [Podcast]08/29/17
#S3-048:The Great Need to Flow in the Authority of God [Podcast]08/22/17
#S3-047:Why the Lordship of Jesus Is the Linchpin of Kingdom Authority [Podcast]08/15/17
#S3-046:How Important in the Kingdom of God Are the Kings Kids? [Podcast]08/08/17
#S3-045:What Does The Future Kingdom of God Look Like? [Podcast]08/01/17
#S3-044:What Is The Kingdom Of God [Podcast]07/25/17
#S3-043:Yet More of How You Know You Really Believe God? [Podcast]07/18/17
#S3-042:More of How You Know You Really Believe God? [Podcast]07/11/17
#S3-041:How Do You Know You Really Believe God? [Podcast]07/04/17
#S3-040:Why the Awesome Hand of God Brings Blessing [Podcast]06/27/17
#S3-039:Why the Awesome Hand of God Brings Growth [Podcast]06/20/17
#S3-038:Why Diversity Empowers Us Actually to Overcome Racism [Podcast]06/13/17
#S3-037:Yet More of How to Overcome Racism in the Church [Podcast]06/06/17
#S3-036:Even More of How to Overcome Racism in the Church [Podcast]05/30/17
#S3-035:More of How to Overcome Racism In the Church [Podcast]05/23/17
#S3-034:How to Overcome Racism In the Church [Podcast]05/16/17
#S3-033:How to Pray Practically for Presidents and Kings [Podcast]05/09/17
#S3-032:Why It’s Important to Pray for Government [Podcast]05/02/17
#S3-031:How to Ask Questions and Stay in Humility [Podcast]04/25/17
#S3-030:Do You Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus? [Podcast]04/18/17
#S3-029:Why God Sets Up the Lowest of Men As Authority [Podcast]04/11/17
#S3-028:Encore Episode: How to Release Your Faith with Words [Podcast]04/04/17
#S3-027:How Do You Pray for A President You Don't Agree With? [Podcast]03/28/17
#S3-026:Why Successful People Allow The Lord To Build Their Life [Podcast]03/21/17
#S3-025:How Timely Adjustments Unlock The Presence Of God [Podcast]03/14/17
#S3-024:How You Can Destroy Satan’s Hindrances In Jesus Name [Podcast]03/07/17
#S3-023:Why We Can And Should Rebuke Darkness In Jesus Name [Podcast]02/28/17
#S3-022:Why You No Longer Have To Be Sick Because Of Jesus Name [Podcast]02/21/17
#S3-021:Want Victory? Look At Jesus Shocking Geographic Throwdown [Podcast]02/14/17
#S3-020:How Jesus Destroyed Demons In One On One Encounters [Podcast]02/07/17
#S3-019:Why Planting Churches In The Nation Of Ghana Is A Good God Thing [Podcast]01/31/17
#S3-018:How God Reacquired Adam’s Stolen Authority [Podcast]01/24/17
#S3-017:Why Is The Name Of Jesus So Powerful? [Podcast]01/17/17
#S3-016:How the Mighty Names Of God Energize Your Life01/03/17
#S3-014:Do You Have a New Vision For A New Year?12/27/16
#S3-013:#S3-013: What if God Never Sent the Miracle Star?12/20/16
#S3-012:Why the Name of Jesus Works for Your Life12/13/16
#S3-011:What's the Value of a Good Name?12/06/16
#S3-010:Why Immorality Will Destroy Your Life11/29/16
#S3-009:Encore Episode: What Ten Things Are You Thankful For?11/22/16
#S3-008:Why Your 'Want To' Needs to Be Fierce to Receive Help from God11/15/16
#S3-007:How Would You Have Ministered at the Pool of Bethesda?11/08/16
#S3-006:How Jesus Ministered at the Pool of Bethesda11/01/16
#S3-005:What Does Jesus Healing on the Sabbath Teach?10/25/16
#S3-004:Why It’s Important to Flow in Faith’s Domain10/18/16
#S3-003: How to Minister Healing Like Jesus Did10/11/16
#S3-002:Why It’s Important to Slow Yourself Down10/04/16
#S3-001:What You Need to Know to Keep Your Soul from Going Tilt 09/27/16
#S2-52:Light on Life Season 2 Review09/20/16
#S2-51:How to Cultivate Gods Presence in Your Life Encore09/13/16
#S2-50:More of Why Renewing the Mind is Important for Soul Development09/6/16
#S2-49:Why Renewing the Mind is Important for Soul Development08/30/16
#S2-48:Why It’s Important to Understand the Serious Power of the Soul08/23/16
#S2-47:How To Make Sure You Are An Instrument of Righteousness08/16/16
#S2-46:How to Recognize the Voice of Satan the Chameleon 08/9/16
#S2-45:What Is the Greatest Tool in Satan’s Toolbox?08/2/16
#S2-44:How You Can Overcome the Tools of Satan07/26/16
#S2-43: How to Stop Satan from Pushing You Around 07/19/16
#S2-42:Terrorizing the Terrorist Encore 07/12/16
#S2-41: How to Get Your Faith in the Right Tense07/05/16
#S2-40:More How to Release Your Faith with Words 06/28/16
#S2-39:How to Release Your Faith with Words06/21/16
#S2-38:Why is Faith Important and Who Has It?06/14/16
#S2-37:How to Hold On to What You Got06/7/16
#S2-36:Why Hearing is the Most Necessary Healing Component 05/31/16
#S2-35:Why Calvary is the Home of the Double Cure05/24/16
#S2-34:How to Put Yourself In the Word for Healing05/17/16
#S2-33:How to Get Faith for Healing05/10/16
#S2-32:How to Defeat the Enemy with ‘Zayin’ the 7th Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet05/3/16
#S2-31:Why ‘VAV’, the 6th Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, Builds Security04/26/16
#S2-30:Why ‘HE’, the 5th Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, Is Important for Your Life04/19/16
#S2-29:How You Can Have Freedom and Release Supernaturally04/12/16
#S2-28:Why It’s Important to Get Rid of Ishy04/05/16
#S2-27:What It Means to Walk After the Spirit and Not the Flesh03/29/16
#S2-26:Why Keeping the Law Won’t Get You to Heaven03/22/16
#S2-25:Even More of The Hidden Power of the Hebrew Alphabet03/15/16
#S2-24: More What is the Hidden Power of the Hebrew Alphabet?03/08/16
#S2-23:What is the Hidden Power of the Hebrew Alphabet?03/01/16
#S2-22:Why the Law of the Spirit of Life Sets You Free02/23/16
#S2-21: Why There Is No Condemnation In Christ02/16/16
#S2-20:How Romans Can Add Value to Your Life02/09/16
#S2-19:The Man with the Light Encore02/02/16
#S2-18:In the Parable of the Sower, What Are the Lust of Other Things?01/26/16
#S2-17:In the Parable of the Sower, What Are the Deceitfulness of Riches?01/19/16
#S2-16:In the Parable of the Sower, What is Thorny Ground?01/12/16
#S2-15:In the Parable of the Sower, More of “What Is Stony Ground?01/05/16
#S2-14:Do You Have A New Vision for A New Year?12/29/15
#S2-13:What if the Star Had Never Appeared?12/22/15
#S2-12: In the Parable of the Sower, What Is Stony Ground?12/15/15
#S2-11:In the Parable of the Sower, What Is Wayside Ground?12/08/15
#S2-09:How Important is Understanding Jesus Parables?12/08/15
#S2-10:What Ten Things Are You Thankful For?11/24/15
#S2-08:What Is The Parable of the Sower?11/17/15
#S2-07:How to Locate Your God Ordained Place11/10/15
#S2-06:Secrets to Hearing God: More on Dreams and Visions11/03/15
#S2-05:Secrets to Hearing God: Dreams and Visions10/27/15
#S2-04:Secrets to Hearing God: What’s the Number One Way God Leads You?10/20/15
#S2-03:Secrets to Hearing God: Are You Sensitive?10/13/15
#S2-02:Secrets to Hearing God: Are You Waiting?10/06/15
#S2-01:Secrets to Hearing God: Are You Listening?09/29/15
#S1-52:Light on Life Season 1 Review09/22/15
#S1-51:Why Should You Take Another Look at the Prodigal Son?09/15/15
#S1-50:More How to Cultivate God’s Presence in Your Life09/08/15
#S1-49:How to Cultivate Gods Presence in Your Life09/01/15
#S1-48:What Heavenly Lessons Will Angels Teach You about God?08/25/15
#S1-47:What Happens to a Person When They Die?08/18/15
#S1-46:How Your Faith In God Is Remembered Forever08/11/15
#S1-45:Why is the Throne of God a Merciful Place?08/04/15
#S1-44:How to Grow in Faith: Five Questions to Ask Encore07/28/15
#S1-43:Why Is The Throne of God A Strategic Place?07/21/15
#S1-42:Why is The Throne of God Power Central?07/14/15
#S1-41:How Breathtaking Is the Throne of God?07/07/15
#S1-40:How to Grow in Faith: Five Questions to Ask06/30/15
#S1-39:How to Terrorize the Terrorist06/23/15
#S1-38:What if I Married the Wrong Person?06/16/15
#S1-37:How Massive is The Throne of the Most High God?06/09/15
#S1-36:Finding Your True Identity in Christ06/02/15
#S1-35:Words Have Power05/26/15
#S1-34:Three Steps To Affair Proof Your Marriage05/19/15
#S1-33:Three Things Jesus Did that You Can Do05/12/15
#S1-32:How Quality Decisions Keep You from Drifting05/05/15
#S1-31:Who Is This Alien I Married?04/28/15
#S1-30:What's Communion Simply Defined04/21/15
#S1-29:The Man with The Light04/14/15
#S1-28:How to Develop Spiritually04/07/15
#S1-27:Dreams: One Way God Communicates Today03/31/15
#S1-26:Dead Dogs and Grasshoppers03/24/15
#S1-25:God Habits for Believers in Jesus03/17/15
#S1-24:So, You Want to Be An Elder?03/10/15
#S1-23:Keys to A Happy Heart03/03/15
#S1-22:Three Steps to Overcoming Worry02/24/15
#S1-21:Which of Jesus Stripes Healed You?02/17/15
#S1-20:What Happens When You Encounter Jesus?02/10/15
#S1-19:How to Say No without Feeling Guilty02/03/15
#S1-18:The Secret to Discerning of Spirits01/27/15
#S1-17:Demonstrating the Glory of God01/20/15
#S1-16:The Secret to Prophecy01/13/15
#S1-15:Reasons to Study Spiritual Manifestations01/06/15
#S1-14:Being a Two Dimensional Believer12/30/14
#S1-13:Questions to Ask Jesus about Lost People - Part 312/23/14
#S1-12:Already but Not Yet12/16/14
#S1-11:Questions to Ask Jesus about Lost People – Part 212/09/14
#S1-10:Questions to Ask Jesus about Lost People – Part 112/02/14
#S1-09:Yielding to God’s Anointing11/25/14
#S1-08:What Can Jesus Teach Us about the Anointing11/18/14
#S1-07:Are You Tuned into God’s Heart?11/11/14
#S1-06:Are you Willing to Give Jesus Everything?11/04/14
#S1-05:Choosing to be Decisive10/28/14
#S1-04:Are You Hungering after God?10/21/14
#S1-03:Are You Depending on God!10/14/14
#S1-02:Being Led by Piece Conscience and the Inward Witness10/07/14
#S1-01:Does the Holy Spirit Speak Today?09/30/14
Season - NumberEpisode NameReleased

Blog Post Archives


CategoryBlog TitleReleased
CategoryBlog TitleReleased
CommentaryHow to Unravel the Puzzle Which Is God's Will12/02/17
Photo PostNarrow is the Way Which Leads to Life11/29/17
CommentaryWhy You Need to Pour Your Jesus Life Into Others11/25/17
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat Kind of Things Should We Be Thankful For?11/18/17
Photo PostThe Word of the Lord Is Like A Fire11/15/17
CommentaryWhy the Calling of God on Your Life Takes Time11/11/17
CommentaryWhy Your Miracle Testimony Gives Glory to God11/04/17
CommentaryMore on Revelation and Building the Kingdom of God10/28/17
Spiritual DevelopmentThe Fear of the Lord As a Manifestation of the Spirit10/21/17
Spiritual DevelopmentHow You Can Grasp The Fear of the Lord in Proverbs10/14/17
CommentaryWhy Living Revelation from the Spirit of God Is Important To Your Life10/07/17
CommentaryPerfect Church? Why There Is No Such Thing09/30/17
CommentaryWhy Bumbling Believers Are Yet Part of the Family of God09/23/17
CommentaryThe Great Need for the Revelation of God in the Church09/16/17
Spiritual DevelopmentHow Meditating the Word Makes You Sharp in the Things of God [Encore]09/09/17
CommentaryWhose Approval Is Important to You, God or Man?09/02/17
CommentaryWhy Things Never Go Right for Some08/26/17
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy Following Jesus is Difficult, Risky, and Adventurous08/19/17
Spiritual DevelopmentA Startling Fact about Security and Following Jesus08/12/17
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy You Should Absolutely Be A Student of Miracles [Encore]08/05/17
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy We Must Not Confuse New Testament Worship with the Old07/29/17
Spiritual DevelopmentHow To Avoid One Of The Biggest Worship Mistakes Ever07/22/17
CommentaryWhat is The Costly Foundation of Worship?07/15/17
CommentaryMore of What Is the Ministry of Reconciliation07/08/17
CommentaryWhat is the Ministry of Reconciliation?07/01/17
CommentaryWhy You're Bored in Church and How to Overcome It06/24/17
CommentaryThe Truth About the Enormous Problem of Itching Ears06/17/17
CommentaryBeware of Abandoning Jesus and Know How to Spot the Signs - Part 206/10/17
CommentaryBeware of Abandoning Jesus and Know How to Spot the Signs06/03/17
CommentaryWhy Jesus Substitutionary Death is the Greatest Exchange Ever05/27/17
CommentaryWhy Jesus Substitutionary Death Delivers Us from This Evil World05/20/17
CommentaryWhat is the Lord's Strong Opinion of Legalism?05/13/17
CommentaryWhy You Should Be Best Friends with Books [Encore]05/06/17
CommentaryWhat Is the Answer to Legalism?04/29/17
CommentaryWhat Is Legalism and Why Is It Deadly?04/22/17
CommentaryDo You Look Like the Galatians?04/15/17
Spiritual DevelopmentEncore Post: How to Be Up In A Down World04/08/17
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy Tithing Brings Great Increase and Blessing04/01/17
Spiritual DevelopmentMore Of Why God Desires You To Live A Committed Life03/25/17
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy God Desires You To Live A Committed Life03/18/17
CommentaryWhy You Can And Should Be Absolutely Positively Persuaded03/11/17
CommentaryColossal Conqueror? Jesus Said You Are. Do You Agree?03/04/17
CommentaryWhat To Do When It Seems Like You Can Go No More02/25/17
CommentaryWhy The Devil’s Bad Stuff Can Never Separate You From God02/18/17
CommentaryWhy You Should Never Try To Make People Feel Guilty02/11/17
CommentaryWhy Your Enemies Can Never Be Ultimately Successful Against You02/04/17
CommentaryWhat Is The Believer In Jesus Staircase To Glorification?01/28/17
CommentaryHow God’s Foreknowledge Propels Us To Be Like Jesus01/21/17
CommentaryHow, By The Spirit, All Things Can Come Out Right01/14/17
CommentaryWhy the Holy Spirit Is The Great Helper Of Our Prayer Life

CommentaryThe Role of The Spirit In The Life Of A Believer12/31/16
CommentaryWhat Is The Glorious Liberty Creation Is Looking For?12/24/16
CommentaryWhy Creation Waiting Is A Good God Thing12/17/16
CommentaryHow Suffering with Jesus Leads to Glorification12/10/16
CommentaryWhat Does It Mean to Be a Joint Heir with Jesus?12/03/16
CommentaryWhat's the Spirit's Number One Role in a Believers Life?11/26/16
CommentaryWhy Adoption in God is the Same as Full Sonship11/19/16
CommentaryIn What Way Is the Spirit Your Helper?11/12/16
CommentaryWhy Mortifying the Flesh Is a Good God Thing11/05/16
CommentaryHow Can Christ 'In You' Propel Your Life?10/29/16
CommentaryWhat Does It Mean to Be In the Spirit?10/22/16
CommentaryWhat Is Carnal Mindedness And Why Is It Deadly?10/15/16
CommentaryAre You After The Flesh Or Following The Spirit?10/08/16
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy Redeemed People Can Walk Free from Fear10/01/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow to Boost Your Prayer Life into the Presence of God09/24/16
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy Quantity Is Important in the Prayer Life09/17/16
CommentaryManifesting God’s Love: Faith In The Lord Of Glory; James 2:109/10/16
CommentaryWhy Is The Gold Fingered Man In The Book Of James Important?09/03/16
CommentaryKnowing God As Your Unbiased Heavenly Father08/27/16
CommentaryThe Importance Of Knowing Where Your Faith Lies08/20/16
CommentaryWhy The Glory Of God Makes Prejudice Unlikely08/13/16
Spiritual DevelopmentThe Spirit Of The Lord In The Life Of Jesus08/06/16
QuotesOn Distraction08/04/16
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy You Should Consider Jesus as Your Rabbi07/30/16
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat Does Offense Have to Do with Living a Fruitful Life?07/23/16
Spiritual DevelopmentIn the Parable of the Sower, What Is Stony Ground?07/16/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow Meditating the Word Makes You Sharp in the Things of God07/09/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow Can You Become a Man of Understanding?07/02/16
Spiritual DevelopmentIn the Parable of the Sower, What Is Wayside Ground?06/25/16
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat Are Fruitful And Unfruitful Places With God?06/18/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow Important Is Understanding Jesus Parables?06/11/16
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat Is the Parable of the Sower?06/04/16
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy Depending On God Is The Jesus Kind Of Life05/28/16
Spiritual DevelopmentAre You Depending On God In Your Everyday Life?05/21/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow To Say No Without Feeling Guilty05/14/16
Spiritual DevelopmentDo You Have a Truth Teller in Your Life?05/07/16
Spiritual DevelopmentAre You Leaving Your Home Naked?05/02/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow You Can Have A Revelation Of God’s Power 04/23/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow Can Your Motives Qualify As Righteous Before God?04/16/16
SpiritologySecrets To Hearing God: Are You Sensitive?04/09/16
SpiritologySecrets To Hearing God: Are You Waiting?04/02/16
SpiritologySecrets To Hearing God: Are You Listening?03/26/16
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy Is The Root Of Bitterness Lethal?03/19/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow To Get Your Faith In The Right Tense03/12/16
Spiritual DevelopmentWalking In The Now With One Foot Toward Tomorrow03/05/16
SnippetU.S. Muslim Planned to Massacre Christians in Church03/03/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow Gideon Overcame The Voices Of Insecurity02/27/16
SnippetTemple Institute Raises Funds for Draft Plans for 3rd Temple02/25/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow To Cut Through The Voices Of Insecurity02/18/16
Spiritual DevelopmentMore How To Make It Through A Bad Day02/11/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow To Make It Through A Bad Day02/04/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow To Conquer An Ungodly Habit01/30/16
Spiritual DevelopmentMore Of What A Real Disciple Of Jesus Looks Like01/23/16
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat Does A Real Disciple Of Jesus Looks Like?01/16/16
Spiritual DevelopmentCan Your Loved One’s Come To Jesus At The Last Moment?01/09/16
Spiritual DevelopmentMore How To Elevate Your Thinking To God’s Idea Of Family01/02/16
Spiritual DevelopmentHow To Elevate Your Thinking To God’s Idea Of Family12/26/15
Spiritual DevelopmentYou Are Appreciated by God12/19/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat Is The Reality Of Real Humility?12/12/15
Spiritual DevelopmentIs It Really Possible To Know God?12/05/15
Spiritual DevelopmentIs Giving Jesus Everything Worth The Risk?11/28/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat is a Thankful Heart?11/21/15
Spiritual DevelopmentAre You Willing To Give Jesus Everything?11/14/15
Spiritual DevelopmentIntroducing the Gospel of Mark11/12/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy Your Identifying With Jesus Destroys Insecurity11/07/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat Is The Secret To Overcoming Insecurity?10/31/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy The Gospel Of Jesus Destroys The Gospel Of Performance10/24/15
SnippetCoach Defies Orders, Prays at Football Game10/22/15
Spiritual DevelopmentHow You Can Learn The Way Of The Spirit With You10/17/22
SnippetOfficials Defend School Prayer in Oklahoma and Alabama10/15/15
Spiritual DevelopmentSoaring with Eagles: How to Live In High Places10/10/15
QuoteGod is not the God of the Dead-End10/08/15
SnippetOregon College Shooter Specifically Targeted Christians10/05/15
Spiritual DevelopmentSoaring with Eagles: How to Know You Are Destined for Greatness10/03/15
QuoteFaith Is...10/01/15
Spiritual DevelopmentHow Do I Find My Place in God?09/26/15
QuoteDemons Recognize Jesus09/24/15
SnippetLuis Palau Festival Draws 60,000 to Central Park09/21/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat is Being in God’s Will Like?09/19/15
QuoteNothing is more dangereous...09/17/15
SnippetBibles Flood Into Cuba to Meet Growing Demand09/14/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy is the Throne of God a Merciful Place?09/12/15
CommentaryWhat To Do If You Lack Wisdom – [James 1:5-8]09/10/15
SnippetScientists Introduce Worlds’ Smallest Bible09/07/15
Spiritual DevelopmentHow Do You Come to a God Who is Already There?09/05/15
QuoteCoach Wooden on giving 100%09/03/15
SnippetDuck Dynasty’s Si Robertson Says There’s No Such Thing as an Atheist08/31/15
Spiritual DevelopmentHow to Be Up in A Down World08/29/15
CommentaryWhy Should You Embrace Patience to Overcome Trials? – [James 1:2-4]08/27/15
SnippetISIS Trainer Turns to the Bible, ‘Sick of the Killing’08/24/15
Spiritual DevelopmentHow to Break Free from Addiction08/22/15
QuoteYour Job Description08/20/15
Spiritual DevelopmentGet Ready to Be Shocked: The Church Divorce Rate08/17/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat Can A Rabbi Teach Us about Selling Out to God?08/15/15
SnippetExercising Your Spiritual Senses08/13/15
SnippetJustin Bieber and His Relationship with God08/10/15
Spiritual DevelopmentHow to Know if Your Passionate about God’s Will08/08/15
QuoteOn Keeping Your Mouth Shut08/06/15
Snippet3 Ways to Pick Your Spouse Over Other Commitments08/03/15
Spiritual DevelopmentEven More What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up08/01/15
SnippetSlain Ministers Children Forgive Gunman07/30/15
SnippetSupreme Court Unanimously Upholds Church’s Right to Post Road Signs07/27/15
Spiritual DevelopmentMore How to Cultivate Gods Presence in Your Life07/25/15
CommentaryWhat Does A Spiritually Mature Believer Look Like? – [James 1:1]07/23/15
SnippetJesus Name in Use at the House of Representatives07/20/15
Spiritual DevelopmentMore What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up07/18/15
QuoteOn Lighthouses07/16/15
SnippetMarine Court-Martialed for Refusing to Remove Bible Verse from Work Computer07/13/15
Spiritual DevelopmentHow to Cultivate God’s Presence in Your Life07/11/15
SnippetHow Not to Answer the Phone07/09/15
SnippetFaith in our Government: The Religious Composition of the 114th Congress07/06/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up07/04/15
QuoteLou Holtz on Problems07/02/15
SnippetRoma Downeys New Television Show ‘Answered Prayer’06/29/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat Happens to a Person When They Die?06/27/15
SnippetThe Testimony of George Foreman06/25/15
SnippetAbortions Drop 12% in the United States06/22/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy Is The Throne of God A Strategic Place?06/20/15
SnippetMule in the Kentucky Derby06/18/15
SnippetUsing Prayer to Fight Crime and Violence06/15/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhat Does Nature Itself Teach about Life in the Spirit?06/13/15
MiraclesHow Lilian B. Yeomans Was Healed of Drug Addiction06/11/15
SnippetChristians In Cambodia Aid in Stopping Sex Traffic06/08/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhen Is It Right to Fight?06/06/15
QuoteHelen Keller on Security06/04/15
SnippetJesus Visits ISIS Fighter in Dreams06/04/15
SnippetRussell Wolfe, Producer of ‘God’s Not Dead,’ Dies at 5006/01/15
Spiritual DevelopmentHow to Terrorize the Terrorist05/30/15
SnippetHow to Display Spiritual Maturity as A Servant05/28/15
MiraclesCollapsed Teen Says He Saw Jesus05/25/15
Spiritual DevelopmentWhy is The Throne of God Power Central?05/23/15
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